Litigation, Trials, Appeals & Arbitrations
Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who have successfully represented clients in state and federal courts and in arbitration proceedings.  Unlike many lawyers who are just “litigators,” we actually try cases before juries and judges.  Our efficient, trial-focused approach drives litigators crazy, because we refuse to get bogged down in unnecessary and costly discovery disputes and motion practice that litigators love.  We are especially proud of our dispositive motion record, appellate record, and settling disputes that should be settled and successfully trying cases that should be tried.   

Representative litigations and trials include:
•Commercial disputes
•Partnership and joint venture disputes
•Copyright infringement
•Trademark infringement
•Patent infringement
•Misappropriation of trade secrets
•Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and Cal. Penal Code § 502 claims
•Employment disputes, including breaches of fiduciary duty and non-compete clauses
•Real estate disputes
•Customs and regulatory disputes

Intellectual Property & Technology
We offer comprehensive, global intellectual property and technology rights management services, including:
•Trademark clearance, registration, enforcement and portfolio management
•Copyright clearance, registration, enforcement, and portfolio management
•Patent clearance and enforcement
•Trade secret protection and management
•DMCA and cybersquatting enforcement and defense
•Open source software rights
•IP and technology acquisitions, licensing, and distribution
•Confidentiality/nondisclosure, work made for hire, collaboration and invention agreements

Practice Areas